Charcoal Tablets for pets

Charcoal Tablets For Pets – Are They Safe For Dogs And Cats?

From the ancient times, most people are fond of keeping pets such as dogs and cats at their houses. They can often be restless and aggressive. Have you ever been told by a vet to use Charcoal Tablets for pets? You’d wonder why a pet needs activated charcoal when a vet prescribes it. Pets have a habit of sniffing around and consuming things that they find; sometimes what they consume can be poisonous and leave them restless. That’s where Activated Charcoal comes in.

When And How To Use Charcoal Tablets For Pets?

using Activated Charcoal for crohns diseaseLet’s say your dog consumes a poisonous substance or something that is toxic. The Activated charcoal is very useful to fight poisons for pets as it is for humans.

Hence, it is a good idea that you add a charcoal tablet to your pet’s aid kit. It can come in handy if such a situation arises. You must know this before the use of the Activated charcoal tablet to treat poison that it is not an antidote but de-potentiate.

You may be able to reduce the effects of poison by giving your pet activated charcoal, but you will have to take it to the vet eventually for proper treatment.

How Activated Charcoal Works For Your Pet?

After a pet consumes something poisonous and begins to feel restless and aggressive, you should give them a small dose of activated charcoal. You know it will help him ease up a little but what it will do exactly. Let’s find out:

Upon giving activated charcoal, suddenly after the consumption of a toxic substance, there would be less risk for the poison to be absorbed into the pet’s system.

After consumption of something poisonous, you may be asked to have your pet induce vomit. After the vomit is induced you give them a charcoal tablet to clean out the remaining toxic substances which can pose a threat to the pets’ health.

Toxiban is a formulation of Activated charcoal for your pets which are slightly higher in dose than the one human can consume. They eliminate all the threats and risks that your pet may face due to the consumption of toxic foods or drinks.

using charcoal tablets to treat stomach pains and cramps

Using Charcoal Tablets To Treat Stomach Pains And Cramps

We are all aware of the fact that Activated Charcoal can always be used to extract impurities. Impurities in our digestive track often cause stomach pains and cramps. Here we will discuss the facts of using charcoal tablets to treat stomach pains and cramps.

It can leave our stomach upset and in pain although the use of a Charcoal tablet is enough to relieve us from the pain and stomach gases that discomforts our stomach. To understand how activated charcoal helps alleviate stomach pains and cramps let’s take a look at its properties first.

What Are The Basic Properties Of Activated Charcoal?

If we are to understand, how can a substance like activated charcoal treat diseases with ease, it is essential for us to know how Activated Charcoal works and how do its properties play a vital role in helping us get rid of adverse health conditions.

Activated charcoal tablets absorb poisonous substances in our digestive tract.

Activated Charcoal tablets, when consumed, binds chemical throughout our digestive track hence, their toxicity is reduced and does not pose any threats.

Activated charcoal reaches beyond the stomach taking all the toxins along with it through the stomach and finally out of your system.

How Activated Charcoal Treats Stomach Pains And Cramps?

Activated Charcoal, as we know now, have qualities which can help counter diseases and severe health conditions. Further below it is explained how Activated charcoal counters explicitly alleviated stomach gas and cramps in detail and what happens through this process.

Our digestive system cannot digest the Activated Charcoal and since it cannot be digested and have a magnet like properties, when passed through our digestive tracks, absorbs all the harmful substances in the stomach as well as alleviated gas and removes them. This process relieves our stomach and causes no more pain.

Activated Charcoal Tablets can also eliminate all the poisonous substances and toxins from your digestive tracks which can be a cause of stomach pains and cramps.

The Acids that your stomach produces can leave you with a burning sensation in your chest which can be a cause of stomach cramps. Fortunately, this condition can also be treated with easy by using Activated Charcoal Tablets.

Can charcoal tablets help nausea

Can Charcoal Tablets Help Nausea?

At some point in our lives, we have all felt a sensation of discomfort in our stomach that leads to a tendency of vomiting. This sensation is referred to as nausea. Here comes the big question. Can charcoal tablets help nausea? Yes, nausea can be countered with the use of Charcoal tablets. As nausea building up inside can bring us discomfort, we search for ways to counter it. Isn’t it amazing? Knowing you can counter such health condition at home with charcoal tablets which is a cost-effective and natural remedy.

What Are The Symptoms & Causes Of Nausea?

The health condition referred to as “Nausea” shows its symptoms in peculiar ways. Such conditions can be avoided and prevented using Charcoal Tablets. Let’s take a look at the causes and symptoms for now before we get to the part how Charcoal tablets are used to help prevent it.

The threat to intestinal blockage can cause nausea although the use of charcoal tablets can clear the blockages.

Toxic build up in the body can also trigger nausea, but there is nothing to worry about if you have a charcoal tablet as it clears our toxins and harmful substances from your body when consumed.

Strong negative emotions can also be a cause of nausea occurrence.

How Does Activated Charcoal Help Counter The Threats Of Nausea?

Activated charcoal is used as a natural remedy to tackle multiple threats internally and externally. The use of activated charcoal can eliminate risks of nausea as well. You’d be wondering how it can eliminate something as such. Let’s see how the activated charcoal tablet works in the process of eliminating nausea.

Activated Charcoal tablets get rid of the toxins that are present in our body thus one of the many threats for nausea is eliminated.

Activated charcoal also clears out stomach acids which can flow up and cause intestinal blockages and cause us harm by trapping them within and removing them from your body.

Gas that is produced by the consumption of food and your stomach is also relieved by using Activated Charcoal.

This home remedy is cost effective and can tackle multiple threats at the same time.

using Activated Charcoal for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Using Activated Charcoal for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

As you will all agree, any discomfort in the stomach will not let you work optimally and will balk down your performance for the day. Whatever may be the reason, like gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome etcetera, the symptoms make it very difficult to ignore. However, using Activated Charcoal for Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a good solution.

Activated charcoal can be used effectively for such issues, and research has proved that they seem to work. It is available in the form of powder, pills, tablets, and liquids and it absorbs anything it falls upon, whether it be gas or toxins in the intestines. The fast relief provided by it also resulted in it gaining popularity with the masses.

What Can Activated Charcoal Be Useful for?

Use of this form of charcoal for gas, bloating, oesophageal reflux, ulcers etcetera has been around for a while but using activated charcoal for irritable bowel syndrome has been accepted more recently. The utility in irritable bowel syndrome is because it binds to the harmful toxins that are present in the intestinal area as well as associated with the fat, without the body having to put in the extra effort to break down these toxins. They also bind to the acids which are mainly responsible for causing indigestion, and the bowel syndrome is cured.

How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

These charcoals are not the normal charcoal that is used for other purposes and must be bought either from medical stores or official online portals. Unlike normal charcoal, Activated charcoal is made from coconut shells, peat, bamboo and heated.

This leads to it becoming extremely porous, and the holes present in it acts as a magnet or sponge to soak up the toxins and chemicals that cause the stomach upset and relieves you of the symptoms in your stomach and intestines. The different forms of Activated charcoal are safe for consumption and are considered food grade.

When to Take Activated Charcoal Products?

There is no specific regular dosage associated with it, in fact, the different forms of medications can be taken as the need arises. Excessive doses might put pressure on the kidney and liver and has to be avoided as much as possible. Though it binds and breaks down toxins from fats, it does not have any role in weight loss.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of the most common diseases associated with your intestines and relieving it of its symptoms by using activated charcoal products is a step forward in curing it.

Activated Charcoal pill as a treatment for gas and bloating

Activated Charcoal Pill As A Treatment For Gas And Bloating

Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable after having a hearty meal quite often? Does it sometimes lead to accumulation of gas and the odd flatulence has sometimes landed you in an embarrassing spot? There is one cure present for these kinds of situations, and that is Activated Charcoal pill as a treatment for gas and bloating.

These tablets work by absorbing whatever excess gas is present in your gut to relieve you from problems of flatulence and the feeling of bloating that you may get occasionally.

What Are These Activated Charcoal Pills?

These charcoal pills do not contain natural charcoal. Instead, they have especially heated, and cured charcoal that gets activated and millions of pores that are present between the atoms of charcoal gets opened. These pores act as small magnets, and they absorb whatever gas or offending substance that is present in the gut and is responsible for flatulence and bloating.

This theory has been ably supported and popularised by European Food Safety Authority in the year 2011 who have advocated the use of Activated charcoal pills as a treatment for gas and bloating. These pills are also odorless and completely tasteless and have to be taken in as a whole, not leading to any blackening of the mouth.

What Are These Activated Charcoal Pills Useful For?

These tablets are generally taken after meals for best results. The main issues that it helps with are:

Reduce flatulence- when food is not digested properly, or the food has not been amicable for the intestine to digest easily, it leads to gas build up. The Activated charcoal pills absorb these excessive gases itself and relieve you of the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and also saves you from any embarrassment.

Eases bloating- bloating is the feeling of fullness after eating. This is also indirectly related to the collection of excessive gas which can again be eliminated by taken these activated charcoal pills.

The success of these activated charcoal pills and there backing by food authorities all over the world has led it to be used by many to relieve them of the discomforts caused by excessive gas accumulation.

These do not even need a doctor’s prescription to buy unless you have an issue involving the gut. If you are taking other medications, take these pills two hours before or after.