can activated charcoal cure a hangover

Can Activated Charcoal Cure A Hangover?

It is quite a common occurrence to wake up with a hangover after a heavy night of drinking and partying. It is not possible to keep saying no to alcohol in social gatherings. What gets really troublesome is the day after when you have a headache and a nauseating feeling and drowsiness throughout. This is technically called a hangover, the after-effect of drinking, a term you must be familiar with. In this article, we will find “can activated charcoal cure a hangover?”.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal on Your Hangover

There has been extensive research going on to find out that wonder drug that will stop this weird feeling from happening and many companies have come up with the products on their own. Even activated charcoal products have been tried and tested to see its credibility in treating a hangover, mainly by performing experiments on test animals.

The results have been quite promising though there are some conditions attached to it which definitely cannot be overlooked. Even using it as a permanent remedy also does not have any scientific backing but again it is not entirely null and void, giving room for many more experiments and advances. If you are interested in knowing the mechanism of using activated charcoal to treat a hangover, read this article till the end.

How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

Use of activated charcoal has gained popularity over the years for treating poisoning and other intestinal issues like gas, bloating, Crohn’s disease etcetera, etc. mainly due to its property of adsorption. It is made by using usual charcoal which makes it’s porous and the gaps created to act as a magnet to attach anything it comes across.

This property can be utilized to remove toxins, bacteria or any debatable product from the gut and the intestine. Similar results can be achieved by eliminating alcohol from the stomach post drinking which will result in a lesser hangover.

How Can Activated Charcoal Cure A Hangover?

One question that many people have been asking is can activated charcoal cure a hangover? The answer is yes but partially. Alcohol gets absorbed from the stomach rapidly, within half an hour. Therefore, it would work ideally if consumed within that time. Some people have reaped benefits by taking it before drinking as well, but it has led to overdrinking. Some alcohol like wine has sulfites in it, which can also be absorbed by activated charcoal and thus prevent it from causing harmful effects.

Thus, as clearly mentioned, having activated charcoal can help you cure a hangover if taken at the right time, though there is no substitute for controlled drinking.