Can activated charcoal help to prevent alcohol hangovers

Can Activated Charcoal Help To Prevent Alcohol Hangovers

We all love a good drink, but sometimes we can get a bit carried away in the Denver liquor stores or wherever we’re located. Then we’re looking for anything to stop the headache and the nausea the next day! That being said, can activated charcoal help to prevent alcohol hangovers? This is an important matter to think and determine whether it works or not. Correspondingly, activated charcoal products exist in various forms – toothpaste, facemask, strips, gel, pills, capsules and tablets. These products are famous for their cleaning and detoxifying competencies. Similarly, activated charcoal is beneficial for coming out over hangovers.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Initially, activated charcoal is not only for teeth whitening or facial cleansing but also for relieving the digestive distress and hangovers. Activated charcoal is essential at binding toxins in the stomach and helps eliminate them. Correspondingly, the activation process increases the surface area of the substance thus making it porous. The charcoal becomes absorbent and therefore, is efficient to remove toxins and unwanted gas in the body.

How Can Activated Charcoal Help To Prevent Alcohol Hangovers?

Taking alcohol drinks lead to the severe pounding of the head, a queasy stomach along with a craving for eating greasy food. For instance, to get relief from hangovers, there are activated charcoal products on the market. Some of the products are available over-the-counter (OTC) and in pharmacy-led retailers. Activated charcoal products help to soothe hangover symptoms. However, medical practitioners insist on abstaining from consuming charcoal product because there is no evidence of its effectiveness.

Although numerous people get relief while taking activated charcoal, there is still no proof of that. However, there is evidence that activated charcoal helps to reduce the blood alcohol levels while taking alcoholic drinks. Surprisingly, the stomach rapidly absorbs alcohol. Therefore, it is better to take the activated charcoal supplement before taking an alcoholic drink. Furthermore, activated charcoal reduces hangovers by removing toxins and other disagreeable ingredients of alcoholic drinks.

In brief, it is difficult to know whether an activated charcoal help to prevent alcohol hangovers. Since there is variant, evidence of its effectiveness at preventing hangovers it is yet to confirm. While for some people activated charcoal prevent hangovers before taking the alcoholic drinks but for others, it does not work. Nevertheless, there are many theories about the best way to prevent hangovers. At this point, there is no proper guideline on when to take activated charcoal to prevent hangovers.


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