Activated Charcoal pill as a treatment for gas and bloating

Activated Charcoal Pill As A Treatment For Gas And Bloating

Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable after having a hearty meal quite often? Does it sometimes lead to accumulation of gas and the odd flatulence has sometimes landed you in an embarrassing spot? There is one cure present for these kinds of situations, and that is Activated Charcoal pill as a treatment for gas and bloating.

These tablets work by absorbing whatever excess gas is present in your gut to relieve you from problems of flatulence and the feeling of bloating that you may get occasionally.

What Are These Activated Charcoal Pills?

These charcoal pills do not contain natural charcoal. Instead, they have especially heated, and cured charcoal that gets activated and millions of pores that are present between the atoms of charcoal gets opened. These pores act as small magnets, and they absorb whatever gas or offending substance that is present in the gut and is responsible for flatulence and bloating.

This theory has been ably supported and popularised by European Food Safety Authority in the year 2011 who have advocated the use of Activated charcoal pills as a treatment for gas and bloating. These pills are also odorless and completely tasteless and have to be taken in as a whole, not leading to any blackening of the mouth.

What Are These Activated Charcoal Pills Useful For?

These tablets are generally taken after meals for best results. The main issues that it helps with are:

Reduce flatulence- when food is not digested properly, or the food has not been amicable for the intestine to digest easily, it leads to gas build up. The Activated charcoal pills absorb these excessive gases itself and relieve you of the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and also saves you from any embarrassment.

Eases bloating- bloating is the feeling of fullness after eating. This is also indirectly related to the collection of excessive gas which can again be eliminated by taken these activated charcoal pills.

The success of these activated charcoal pills and there backing by food authorities all over the world has led it to be used by many to relieve them of the discomforts caused by excessive gas accumulation.

These do not even need a doctor’s prescription to buy unless you have an issue involving the gut. If you are taking other medications, take these pills two hours before or after.

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